Welcome to Great Inspirations Farm

Great Inspirations Farm is a 14 acre biodynamic farm in the beginning stages, a portion left to wildlife and the remainder in full production. Located in Chesterton/Westville, Indiana. We are a family run endeavor – grateful for being able to share with you the fruits of our efforts. We grow using sustainable and biodynamic processes. Knowing that by giving to the Earth – the Earth will return even more to us.

We plan on earning a reputation as a great local source for inspiring, fine, naturally cultivated vegetables, fruits and other produce grown using all natural and sustainable practices.

We specialize in Greens of all kinds.   We grow Mizuna, Komatsuna, 3 varieties of arugula, spinach, and usually 6 - 8 varieties of Kale, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, and beautiful lettuce heads. 

We also continue in to grow our community with our ongoing CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.  We run an early Spring Greens program as well as the main season and a late fall program.  We generally have green available from April until the end of December. 

Winter 2013 starting in the field

We love heirlooms here!  As you browse the list you will see mostly heirloom varieties although there are a few hybrid types as well -- all the seeds are from organic sources -- either purchased or grown and harvested by us in years past.

Need something different or unique? Let us know your plans and ideas. We’ll grow to order at attractive prices.

Our Commitment

We are committed to growing using organic materials. Absolutely no use of synthetic chemical insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers on our crops or on any of our land. Minimal and careful use of even Organically approved soil amendments and sprays. Care for our soil, water and air quality with crop rotations, cover crops, protective buffer strips and ecologically sustainable farming practices. We grow from organic open-pollinated or heirloom seed mainly - we do try a few hybrids from time to time.  No use of chemically treated or Genetically Modified seeds. We strive to give our absolute best to the land so that we may receive a flavorful and nutritious bounty from the Earth.